Raquel Rosés Brüngger


Interested in Criminology, Computational Criminology, Computational Social Science, Complex Systems, Simulation, and Agent-Based Modleing.

Current Position

Mobiliar Lab for Analytics, ETH Zurich

Doctoral Researcher

03/16 –


University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Master of Law in Criminal Justice, subject area Criminology and Security.

09/13 – 09/15

Computer Skills

Java, Python, Postgre, SQL, Mesa, Repast,

MS Office, SPSS, Citavi, JIRA, CQ5,




Native: German, Spanish and Catalan

Fluent: English and French



Academic contributions


  • Te, F., Kadar, C., Rosés Brüngger, R., & Pletikosa Cvijikj, I. (2016). Human versus Technology: Comparing the Effect of Private Security Patrol and Crime Prevention Information Systems over the Crime level and Safety Perception.


  • Rosés Brüngger, R., Kadar, C., & Cvijikj, I. P. (2016, July). Design of an agent-based model to predict crime (WIP). In Proceedings of the Summer Computer Simulation Conference (p. 55). Society for Computer Simulation International.


  • Kadar, C., Te, Y. F., Rosés Brüngger, R., & Pletikosa Cvijikj, I. (2016). Digital Neighborhood Watch: To share or not to share?. In Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 2148-2155). ACM.


  • Rosés Brüngger, R., Bader, R., Kadar, C., & Pletikosa, I. (2017). Towards Simulating Criminal Offender Movement Based on Insights from Human Dynamics and Location-Based Social Networks. In International Conference on Social Informatics (pp. 458-465). Springer, Cham.


  • Kadar, C., Rosés Brüngger,R., Pletikosa, I. (2017). Measuring Ambient Population from Location-Based Social Networks to Describe Urban Crime. In International Conference on Social Informatics (pp 521-535 ). Springer, Cham.